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How did the Lepricon get to the Moon?   In a Shamrocket

Feb 2019 Surprise! Earth's Atmosphere Extends Far Beyond the Moon

So if the Earth atmosphere extends far beyond the moon - hmmm LOL...Then why did the
astroNOTS need "space suits" LOL NASA is So busted.
So Scientism Now saying That You Can Breathe on the Moon!

A Stranger's Guide to Flat Earth | 21 Questions and Answers (Proving The Earth Is Flat)

Enoch Shown What NO Other Man Has Seen

Enoch was shown things that no other man past or present was ever shown by God. There was a reason.


Alleged Movement of the Earth
(Speed of Sound is 767 mph)
1. 1000 MPH Earth Spinning Ball
2. 66,666 MPH Earth Around the Sun
3. 500,000 MPH Sun Through the Milky way
4. 1,000,000+ MPH Milky way
Yet North Star Stays Fixed
Hmmmm? Really? Not feeling or seeing it!

Understanding the Flat Earth Movement - A Ph.D. case study on Flat Earth Anthropology

Cult of the White Lab Coat - Article link

NASA references a Flat, Nonrotating Earth.

NASA Reference Publication 1207 1988

This report derives and defines a set oflinearized system matrices for a rigid aircraft of constant mass, flying
in a stationary atmosphere over _ flat, nonrotating earth. Both generalized and standard linear system
equations are derived from nonlinear six-degree-of-freedom equations of motion and a large collection of
nonlinear observation (measurement) equations.

and Page 108 / 16. Abstract
This report documents the derivation and definition of a linear aircraft model for a rigid aircraft of constant
mass flying over a flat, nonrotating earth. The derivation makes no assumptions of reference trajectory or
vehicle symmetry. The linear system equations are derived and evaluated along a general trajectory and
include both aircraft dynamics and observation variables.



Moon landing tapes got erased, NASA admits. Tape & 700 Boxes of 1st Moon Landing Missing . The government has misplaced the original recording of the first moon landing, including astronaut Neil Armstrong's famous "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," a NASA... In all, about 700 boxes of transmissions from the Apollo lunar missions are missing... (It takes allot of effort to lose 700 boxes) Source

2/14/18 Proof SpaceX Changed & Edited Their Live Stream Falcon Heavy Launch

Space X Tesla Roadster Car in Space.
Image result for Space X ? Tesla Roadster Car in Space.
How can the tires paint, plastic, and glass withstand -455 to +1,000  up to 1,000,000 Fahrenheit temps & the vacuum of space?
How come you can see the Earth but no Stars, Planets, Moon or Sun? And no space dust.
No Continents on the Earth? where are the 1,324 Satellites?
No signal static interference a million+ Miles away Right LOL
Why on the take off the rocket after just a few min go sideways & then down?
Why does Neil degrasse tyson say the Earth is Pear shaped but they are showing it perfectly sphere shaped
So FAKE X LOL Elon should produce Cartoons he would be good at that
But isn't Santa Real and what about Roadrunner Cartoons?
Q: Earth is Pear, Egg, Sphere or Flat? A: Most Likely Round but FLAT
Is NASA & SpaceX mocking us or are they deliberately exposing themselves?
“We’ve got ’em so brainwashed they’ll believe anything – haha! Watch this!”
Rear View Mirror is removed so we can't see the 4th wall
If you believe this you will believe anything
Cartoons for adults
Ellon says "It's real because it looks so fake"
Elon Is a Flat Earther using this cartoon to make fun of NASA
NASA & SpceX Admits Falcon Heavy like all rockets are only able to go into "Low-Earth Orbit"
The only thing in Space is your Imagination
SpaceX Changed & Edited Their Live Stream Falcon Heavy Launch - Obviously hiding something
The Great Deception. Scientism is not Science - Such deception why?

Earth is Flat Get over it

For all those who believe we can go to Mars please by all means go.

AETHEREAL - The Battle for Heaven and Earth (Cosmology Documentary) Videos

From Jeranism

Former NASA Employee: “The Moon Landings Were Faked” Article / Interview w/ Former NASA Employee Turned Flat Earther

Astronaut Admits Kubrick Filmed Apollo 11 Footage In Hollywood Article

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon Video

We have not been more than 400 miles from Earth since the  December 11, 1972, Apollo 17 alleged moon landing which NASA Clams is 238,900 miles away Why? The tech they used to allegedly go to the moon then was less than a i-phone now.

PhD thesis: The earth is flat ...a huge scandal rocked the Tunisian and Arab scientific and educational world: a PhD student submitted a thesis declaring Earth to be flat, unmoving, young (only 13,500 years of age), and the center of the universe. article link


1931 Popular Science Magazine - Professor Piccard

Simple MYTH Maticks LOL

Moon Landing FAKE. / Flat Earth Realm | The mOOn You Say | Lets See

Flat Earth Timeline | The History of Flat Earth

NASA: Never A Straight Answer

From Michael Tellinger: Nov. 6, 2016
After many months of research I still cannot find any scientifically accepted proof of a physical nature, that the Earth is moving through space - and that it actually is a ball. Everything I held dear and as an unshakable truth has been shaken to its core and stripped of all credibility. It is more clear than ever before that everything we have been told is a lie, and the most important teachings have been strategically omitted by our education system - whose objective is to create a future labour force to keep the money monster alive - and not to teach us to think and give us real skills. This Flat Earth could be the biggest lie of them all. Those who think that this will go away soon have a big surprise coming. We have to discard most of NASA's imagery as part of the LIE - which is one of the first disturbing things everyone finds when entering this realm of research.
My most recent research into the relationship between sound, magnetism and electricity clearly shows that all the physical manifestations of shape and matter and the magnetic fields are the same TOROIDAL shapes that are proposed for the sub-atomic model of the electron AND the magnetic fields of the Earth and even the model of the galaxies that seem to spew forth matter at its galactic equator of the gigantic TORUS shaped galaxy. My breakthrough discovery is that the evidence suggests that the land or Earth itself follows this DOUBLE TORUS model and the land which we have been told is a ball - is actually the FLAT Accretion disk emerging at the centre of the Earth Torus Magnetic field. All North - South Magnetic alignments and everything else that has been attributed to a ball Earth can be explained even better with a FLAT Earth model. Like a giant RING Magnet with all the expected magnetic fields around it and inside it. This also accounts for the so-called DOME and hollow Earth theory or Agartha, magnetic drift, precessional wobble, Aurora Borealis, and so many more global mysteries. Everything can be explained by simply re-evaluating the magnetic fields around the Earth and the full shape they hold.
For those that thought the Flat Earth Theory is a bunch of ignorant nonsense devised to confuse humanity and not worthy of debate, have a growing scientific mountain of evidence to deal with. I look forward to seeing how this research evolves. As so many others have done - I have also done my own experiments with the curvature of the Earth and I found to my surprise that THERE IS NO CURVATURE. No matter how hard I looked. And if there is no curvature, there is only one conclusion we can reach. The Earth surface is flat. If the weather man can show Chicago from Michigan City some 40 odd miles across Lake Michigan, that should be enough proof that there is no curvature. At that distance Chicago should be about 1060 feet below the horizon. And so the new exiting journey begins - sifting through layers upon layers of deception and lies. The only thing I have to hold on to is my sanity, sense of humour and an open mind.
In unity and resonance - Michael Tellinger

Flat Earth Realm | Making Waves in 2017 | Michael Tellinger

The Genesis Revelation - How the Bible absolutely describes an enclosed world cosmology


We are High-Speed Spinning Water Ball Hurling through Space Skeptics

Psalms 93:1 The LORD reigneth, he is clothed with majesty; the LORD is clothed with strength, wherewith he hath girded himself: the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved.

1 Chronicles 16:30 Fear before him, all the earth: the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved.

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