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We are Enclosed World Creationist.

We are High-Speed Spinning Water Ball Hurling through Space Skeptics.

The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about yet refuse to investigate.

NASA gets 53+ Million Dollars a day from our tax dollars

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
― Mark Twain

Our beautiful Earth may be "Round" like a Pizza, Pancake, Quarter, Plate, or Clock, but it is not High-Speed Spinning Water Ball Hurling through Space.

The Flat Earth Guide with links to recorded and live upcoming shows and videos.

Jeranism Mondays 6pm - 9pm PST - Jeran and Missa Truth Frequency Radio: On Demand Replays / YouTube

GlobeBusters Sundays 12pm - 3:00pm PST - Bob, Kirk, and Jeran - Globebusters continue to explore the world we all live in and attempt to uncover the truth. / YouTube

Mark Sargent Tuesdays 7pm - 9pm PST - Strange World - Flat Earth Clues Truth Frequency Radio: On Demand Replays / YouTube

Zen Garcia Saturdays 4pm - 6pm PST SECRETS REVEALED Truth Frequency Radio: On Demand Replays

Eric Dubay - a 33 year old American living in Thailand where he teaches Yoga and Wing Chun part-time while exposing the New World Order full-time / YouTube

ODD Reality / YouTube

scrawny2brawny / YouTube

Captain Obvious / YouTube

MIG MAG Going down the rabbit hole. Realizing we have been lied to on just about everything.
We should have more people sharing their own thoughts and questions, this channel is my attempt to do so.  / YouTube

Dan Dimension / YouTube

DITRH DEEP INSIDE THE RABBIT HOLE The wake up resource / YouTube

Cae sar science, art, education, comedy related to the real world - flat earth / YouTube

Zetetic Flat Earth All the facts and evidence that we have confirm that the Earth is in fact flat and looks like UN logo with the Arctic in its center as the true North, described in the book by Rowbotham "Zetetic Astronomy-Earth Not a Globe" surrounded in South by ice belt: the Antarctica. And this is the exact description the Bible gives us: Job 38:8-11 “Who enclosed the sea behind doors (...), when I determined its boundaries and put its bars and doors in place, when I declared: "You may come this far, but no farther; your proud waves stop here".” There are lots of false information on the internet about Flat Earth spread by people who mix truth with fiction and fantasies of eastern legends etc. that don't have any confirmation whatsoever in reality and our observations -facts- the real world. / YouTube

TheMorgile TheMorgile Dissiminating the TRUTH, following the FACTS wherever they lead... Observation of the NATURAL WORLD, and the unnatural manipulation by the "powers" that "be". / YouTube

Rob Skiba Rob Skiba / YouTube

Steve Torrence Steve Torrence / Flat Earth vs Globe Earth / YouTube

2outoflove 2outoflove ..on a fact finding mission to filter out what is real science and what is fiction and WHY are WE kept in the Dark.  There are at least 2 sources of free energy: potential difference of 200,000 V between low layer of plasma of ions sphere (positive charge) and Earth's surface (negative charge) and also natural Earth's frequency 7-11 Hz , generated by iron core of Earth that also produce protective magnetic field. Global system of pyramids and underground acoustic tunnels and shafts utilised both sources of energy and controlled global climate 13,000 years ago until something went wrong and caused cataclysm./ YouTube

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